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Value Internalization

Spiritual Practice Management

With the following 2 models spiritual practices can be managed, in other words, they can be used in monitoring and controlling of spiritual life.

As per the Peeled Onion Model of Culture, knowledge passes through 4 states in our mind:

  1. First time studying           –             Artifacts
  2. Svadhaya Support           –              Norms       
  3. Conscious Thinking          –            Values
  4. Automated Thoughts     –              Beliefs

Artifact state is when we are trying to solve some problem or achieve something through new learning. Norm state is when we are trying to keep our mind engaged in any problem solving or goal pursuit through Svadhaya Support. Values state is when we are able to achieve the same engagement through Conscious Thinking only without any Svadhaya Support. Belief state is when we pursue something by itself without any conscious effort.

And, these are not just the states of mind, but also the states of body and states of the surrounding environment. The artifacts, norms, values and beliefs effects both mental and physical states. In other words, they bring changes to both character and environment.

Assimilation efforts of Knowledge also passes through 4 steps as per the Growth Cycle Model of Economics:

  1. Growth- Already entered into practice/ deep into practice.
  2. Slowdown- Something induced externally or internally that caused trouble. Either something bad happened or nothing good happened.
  3. Recession- Trying to learn new knowledge or recall previous knowledge.
  4. Recovery- At the periphery of practice, trying to enter into practice. Please Note that once you recalled knowledge which you have forgot and re-reading or re-thinking that knowledge to create a strong impression, you have moved out of recession and entered to recovery.

Now, most of the time we may not be into any of the 4 particular knowledge-state, but into a state of transition. We are either into the 3 transition-state:

  1. Artifacts to Norms, i.e. First time studying to Svadhaya Support
  2. Norms to Values, i.e. Svadhaya Support to Conscious Thinking
  3. Values to Beliefs, i.e. Conscious Thinking to Automated Thoughts

Our success in Sadhana is determined by which transition-state we are into and also where we are (i.e. our position) in the 1st to 2nd state of the transition journey.

And, the 4 knowledge-assimilation steps are applicable to all the 3 transition-states. In other words, our journey through all these 3 transition-state proceed in sinusoidal pattern. 

Now, the curve-pattern of the sinusoid depends on the state of our body/mind in relation to the problems that appear.

If our body/mind is into belief state, from slowdown phase itself the graph can be turned up, thus avoiding altogether the recession and recovery phase. The duration of recession and recovery phase get reduced as our body/mind moves from artifact to norm to value states.

Now for recording purpose, we will use these symbols: G-S-Rs-Rc and Rp, where G is growth, S is Slowdown, Rs is Recession, Rc is Recovery and Rp is Repose.

Also we will use ok, down arrow, double down arrow, single tick, double tick, star etc. symbols to convey our feelings of growth, slowdown, recession and recovery.

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