About Us

Our Objective

This objective of this website is to discuss values for householders. And even more importantly, how to internalize values. We are about to bring a mobile app also, to help in value internalization.

According to the Upanishads, there are two types of value system:

  1. Brahma-Parah or Rajasik values for grahastas.
  2. Parah-Brahma or Sattavik values for sanyasis.

But in the current age, we have a mix-up hotchpotch value system. And that creates lots of problems. When young we look down upon material things. And as we grow old, we end up regretting for those things.

Swami Vivekananda tried to fix this. We are trying to carry forward his work and mission.

MAASIA means Maa Sarada Institution and Association. We want to evolve into an organization similar to Sri Ramakrishna Math and Mission, but for the householders. Our objective is to popularize the sadhana as preached by Maa Sarada and enumerated as Shakti Sadhana in the scriptures.


 Naveen Dutta

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